Monday, June 3, 2013

North West Pharmacy

 North West Pharmacy

Today I'd like to share with you my most recent online find: North West Pharmacy

Ordering from the North West Pharmacy is easy. You can do it three ways:
1)  Order online:  North West Pharmacy
2)  Order by phone (Toll-free  phone number:   1-866-539- 5330)
3) Order by fax/ mail (Toll-free fax  number:    1-866- 539- 5331)

The website has numerous verifications: from TRUSTe to CIPA (Canadian International Pharmacy Association).

The company accepts these forms of payment: Visa and MasterCard credit cards and personal checks. When you pay by check, you will instantly save 2.5%, which can be very nice if your total order is quite large, and even if it isn't, hey, it's still a coupon!

It says on the website there are Spanish-speaking  company representatives available, which is a great plus for those who speak the language and need assistance.

I shopped around and found the following personal care item which is much more expensive here in the U.S.:

Dehydral Cream

If I bought it here in the U.S., one tube would cost me around $14 + $7.50 shipping and handling (per each tube), but if I bought it from North West Pharmacy, it would be $13.49, plus the $9.99 shipping (one-time fee applied to my entire purchase) so I'd be able to buy let's say 10 of the dehydral cream for $130.49 +$9.99 = $140.48 versus buying it on an American website for $210.50.

I look forward to exploring the company and using the pharmacy to fill my family's needs with high-quality and affordable medicine and personal care items. 

Visit the company here:
North West Pharmacy

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